Security Tips

With Windows XP having reached it’s end-of-life status as defined by Microsoft, and since Windows XP will receive no further updates including security patches, this is a good time to remind everyone of Windows best practices for computers that are online:

Locking Down Windows

  1. Run as a LIMITED or STANDARD user, not as an administrative user.  Over 90% of malware infections can be prevented by following this advice.
  2. Have an ADMINISTRATIVE user set up in Windows that you use only for installing new software or doing other administrative tasks.
  3. Use a good antivirus app and keep it updated.  I recommend either Kaspereky or NOD32.  If you’re a non-commercial user wanting a free solution, consider AVG.
  4. Don’t click on email links.  Type them into your browser manually instead.
  5. Don’t use IE.  Google Chrome is more secure.  Firefox is a good second choice.
  6. Only download software form known sources.
  7. Keep Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, and Java (if you must use it) up-to-date by checking and updating weekly.
  8. Run Microsoft Update, installing at least the critical Windows updates, on or just after the second Tuesday of each month.
  9. Turn on your Windows firewall.  Your router has a firewall in it, but using the Windows firewall too will block bad stuff like worms that lend on your internal network.

If you need help in setting up a locked-down Windows environment, please contact me and I’ll be glad to help.


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