WiFi Trouble? There Are Many Causes. Here is Just One

WiFi can just be wonky from time to time, and here is just one of the reasons why: WiFi wireless routers that operate in the 2.4GHz spectrum are in an area of the radio frequency spectrum that is unregulated by the FCC. Therefore many, many devices emit RFI, or radio frequency interference in, and/or operate in the 2.4 GHz range. This includes microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, radio control toys, baby monitors, FRS radios, and on and on.  There there is your neighbor’s own WiFi.  With all of this radio frequency energy floating in the around us, weird things happen with respect to 2.4GHz Wifi causing dead spots, and can easily cause one computer to function normally, and another in close proximity to behave poorly with respect to network connectivity. Restarting your router/wireless access point, moving it further away from the walls, moving your WiFi adapter or your entire computer around, and power cycling your hardware can all help. One last point: Wired network connections are *always* more stable and reliable than are wireless connections. If at all possible (and practicable), switch from WiFi to a wired connection.  More reading and more possible fixes here: https://www.pcworld.com/article/227973/six_things_that_block_your_wifi_and_how_to_fix_them.html.

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