CCleaner Booby Trap

As some of you may know, it was discovered last week that a recent version of CCleaner, the popular Windows clean-up utility, was infected with malware on Piriform’s (the publisher’s) production and distribution servers.  This meant that users who download and installed CCleaner 5.33 32-bit or CCleaner Cloud  1.07.3191 within a 31-day window between the middle of August and the middle of September were infected with this malware.

It was previously thought that no computers in the wild which were infected experienced any damage from the payload.  But as we learn more from this incident, it’s becoming apparent that some infected computers were indeed affected by the mysterious payload.  Read more here:

To be clear, this infection apparently only affected CCleaner 32-bit version 5.33, and the CCleaner Cloud  version 1.07.3191.  Avast, the parent company of Piriform, says that installing CCleaner 5.34 (and now 5.35) will remove the malware.  To be safe, it’s recommend to not only uninstall CCleaner 5.33 32-bit and install the latest version (CCleaner Cloud users should have already received the fix automatically), but to also do a full AV scan of your Windows system.

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