Check Your Passwords, Make Them Stronger

No one has ever come up with a great way for us to prove who we are when we need to gain access to our cloud accounts.  There must be a better way to authenticate other than a username and a password, but until security experts come up with something better that can be widely implemented, that’s what we all use.  Some cloud services we use support two-factor authentication, so that in addition to having to provide something we know (a username and a password, called first-factor) to gain access, many cloud services, including Gmail and Facebook, support two-factor authentication: Something we have.  Usually this involves receiving a five-, six-, or seven-digit code from a text message sent to you, and entering it into the login screen of whatever service you’re trying to access.  If your cloud services support two-factor, turn it on.  If a crook guesses or gains access to your password somehow, having two-factor prevents them from accessing your cloud accounts, because it’s unlikely that they also have access to your cell phone.  But not all cloud services that we use support two-factor authentication, at least not yet.  So please also use strong passwords, and read this article and follow the recommendations to make your passwords themselves more secure.

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