Ubuntu 14.04 Update- My Review

Over the past week I’ve spent some time with Ubuntu 14.04 on a spare laptop.  Once installed and fully updated it runs well. I am impressed with how polished of an experience it is. Out of the box it comes with Firefox, Libre Office (for documents and spreadsheets), and some other goodies. The Ubuntu software center is easy-to-use for finding and installing apps, and removing apps that you install but decide you don’t want is also pretty painless. I was able to easily add Chromium (the Linux version of Google Chrome) and easily log in and sync my Chrome bookmarks and extensions from the cloud, all of which worked fine in Ubuntu. Although Amazon doesn’t publish the Kindle Reader for Linux, Amazon’s web-based Reader (read.amazon.com) worked great in Ubuntu in Chromium. Adding a printer is somewhat more difficult (depending on the model, your mileage may vary) than adding a printer in Windows or Mac OS X, but with a little online research I was able to get my two printers working.  Perhaps best of all, with the exception of my printers, the Ubuntu installer found all my hardware and automatically installed appropriate drivers.  Those of us familiar with Mac OS X will see some striking similarities to and things borrowed from Apple’s operating system.  It looks like a good alternative for home users looking for something more up-to-date than Windows XP for older computers.

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