Have Cable Internet? Get a DOCSIS Modem

Do you get your Internet over cable?  The new standard for cable modem technology allows significantly higher speeds that some older cable modems.  DOCSIS is Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification, and is up to version 3.0.  Check your cable modem.  If you’ve had it a while, you may not be getting the Internet speeds you pay for at your speed tier.

Try running one of these speed tests, then call your cable operator and see if you speed can be increased at no additional cost by upgrading to a DOCSIS modem.  You probably already pay a monthly fee to rent your modem (if you don’t  you can purchase a DOCSIS modem and avoid the monthly fee; talk to your cable operator), so you may as well have the newest technology and the most reliable and fastest connection you can get for your speed tier.

Time Warner’s RoadRunner service does allow you to purchase your own DOCSIS modem and will waive the $3.95 modem rental fee if you do so.

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