Yahoo Accounts Hacked



WARNING to all users of Yahoo webmail.  There is an exploit that seems to work with all major browsers allowing malicious code to compromise Yahoo email accounts.  The exploit was reportedly fixed by Yahoo shortly after the news story broke in early January, but my experience is that the problem continues.  I have had several clients contact me recently about not being able to access their Yahoo webmail accounts.

Be careful and don’t click on hyperlinks in email that are from unknown sources, or even from “friends” if they seem remotely suspicious.  Also make sure that your backup email address in your Yahoo account is a secondary email address you still have access to, and that your secret questions and answers are yours.  If you suddenly cannot access your Yahoo account, visit this link and start the process of resetting your password.  Doing it right away is key, because hackers can and will attempt to change your backup email address and your security questions and answers.   I don’t think Yahoo accepts phrase-based passwords, which are more secure, so second best option for your password is mixed case with numbers and/or special characters.

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