Outlook.com Takes On Yahoo Mail and Gmail

Microsoft has spent some time improving their webmail experience:  Enter www.outlook.com, Microsoft’s replacement for hotmail.com and live.com.  More modern, simplistic interface, good spam protection, and full support for EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) for mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, and Andorid phones and tablets.  While it doesn’t yet support IMAP (it’s coming) there is a very stable plug-in for Microsoft Outlook on the desktop called Outlook Hotmail Connector that tightly syncs all email, calendar, and contacts between Outlook and Outlook.com.  Plug the settings into your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android advice, and have the same tight sync of email, calendar, and contacts there too.  Don’t have Outlook on the desktop?  Try Microsoft Live Essentials.  The same tight integration exists in Live Essentials as in the Outlook Hotmail Connector.  Best of all, you can port your private domain to Outlook.com by visiting domains.live.com.  And it supports up too 100 users, totally free of charge.  More storage than Gmail, more secure, better spam protection, and more features than Yahoo mail, and it’s a totally free service.  With Gmail crippling their free accounts as of 1/31/2013 by removing EAS, and with Yahoo Mail’s never-ending security problems, Outlook.com is absolutely worth using.

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