Phrases as Passwords

It can be argued that strong passwords (mixing upper and lower case, using symbols and numbers) go a long way in preventing you from becoming hacked.  But who can remember passwords like Er&7g@!!<y22?  Traditional strong passwords just aren’t that easy to remember.  Password managers like RoboForm and LastPass help us keep track of all our passwords in a secure way, but what if we could have an easy-to-remember password that is MORE secure than the hard-to-remember cypher-looking password above?  We can do just that by using a password phrase. Experts agree that a password phrase like Hiking the High Trail is many times more secure than gibberish like the cryptic password above.  Part of the reason is that that spaces are special characters, and with their placement in the phrase irregular and unpredictable, their use as part of a multi-word phrase of everyday words adds significantly more security to our passwords.  Not all online systems allow space-based password phrases, but that’s changing.  Read more about this at LifeHacker.

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